G-Wiz (AAAA)



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70% Indica
30% Sativa
25% THC
0.9% CBD

G-Wiz by Gastown is a rare Indica strain. It leans more toward Indica, but its cerebral effects can be uplifting and euphoric while offering relaxation in cases of stress and tensions. The happy and stimulating high of this cannabis strain may help ease symptoms of mood swings, anxiety, and depression. The calming high of this Indica flower may alleviate mental and physical tensions caused by stress.

G-Wiz also carries stronger pain-relieving properties. This heavy body high may relieve symptoms caused by health conditions, including arthritis, inflammation, or fibromyalgia. The THC levels of this marijuana plant can range between 16% and 21%, but some of its phenotypes and batches offer much higher potency than this. The flavour of this weed bud carries notes of diesel and pine.

G-Wiz by Gastown is a marijuana plant that is very resinous and aromatic. Its intense scent bursts of sweet floral notes coupled with a creamy biscuit-like touch. You may detect notes of pine and sweet diesel in the smoke and taste of this cannabis flower.

This weed bud can be consumed in the afternoon or evening, as its overall effects are relaxing, calming, and happily uplifting.

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