Grape Romulan (AAA)



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80% Indica
20% Sativa
19% THC
1.0% CBD

Grape Romulan is an out-of-this-world indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain that’s an insanely delicious crossbreed of the famously potent Romulan X Grapefruit strains. This bud offers a moderate 19% THC level that is perfect for newer patients and more seasoned patients alike. The Grape Romulan nug is caked with sugary white crystals and has a neon green body with deep purple and violet-red hues and orange hairs. When smoked, this frosty bud gives a soothing high that leaves you alert and focused but completely relaxed in body. Be ready for euphoric bouts of creativity and an insanely potent 2-3 hour duration of effects. Be careful not to overdose on this strain – Grape Romulan is known to give users dizziness, the jitters, and psychedelic effects if too much is smoked at once. Grape Romulan tastes exactly how it sounds – musky, sour-grape candy with an earthy grape smell. Because of its uplifting effects and full-body relaxation, its oftentimes used to treat depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Grape Romulan is sure to take you to a smooth, fruity high that is out of this world!

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